I love to cook and bake but while I was working, menus were getting to be too much of the same old thing week after week. Since I retired I have a lot of free time, and have spent countless hours perusing every recipe blog I could find, trying things that sounded too delicious to be true – and sometimes ended up disappointed. There are many more times where I was more than pleasantly surprised, and I will save and remake the really good recipes.

What I haven’t enjoyed as much is reading through endless descriptions of personal activities and repetitive descriptions before getting to the actual recipe I wanted to read! So…..

I will try to be brief (unless I am infrequently inspired to be long-winded) and let my readers know why a recipe is being published and/or how it happened that I decided to take something from my imagination to the dinner table. I have no advertisers to answer to or waste precious space on. Anything else I want to talk about can be found under About the Kitchen. Let’s face it – our life is very quiet and peaceful and, to the untrained eye, pretty boring, which makes it perfect for me 😉 

I decided to do a recipe blog to publish my favorite family and personal recipes. After years of tech admin’g websites and databases for other people, I wanted to do one for myself.  I have binders full of family recipes, so it will keep me busy …. like forever!



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