New Year’s Eve – Hits and Misses

I spent the day cooking/baking up some new recipes for New Year’s Eve; probably not the best idea but certainly the bravest. Some recipes were exact replicas from other sites, and some were slightly or highly modified recipes found on various sites to meet our personal taste and keto and low-carb requirements. Here’s what was on the menu:


I followed this Low Carb Yum recipe to the letter. The only issue was running out of the pork panko parmesan coating before I ran out of wing sections, with one lonely, bare section going naked into the oven. Next time I’ll increase the coating a bit.

These were oven-baked wings and they were flavorful and very cripsy without being greasy. I put out some Buffalo wing sauce and ranch dressing; the wings didn’t last long. These had the crunch my husband loves, so this recipe will make it to my regular rotation!

The recipes on Cast Iron Keto are so good that I ran to the store to get a 10.25″ cast iron frying pan so I can make all of them!

These sausage balls were a definite hit, although it was impossible to stop at the 2-piece, 1.3g net carbs serving size. My scale told the truth about my New Year’s Eve binge (albeit a keto one). I modified this recipe enough that I’ll post my version under Low Carb/Keto as soon as I have time. 

I’m referencing the Spend With Pennies recipe since it was the inspiration for my pinwheels. I highly modified the original recipe, and I’ll post my version under Low Carb/Keto as soon as I have time. 

These were a hit for everyone but me, for whom they were just okay! The texture was smooth and creamy, with a nice crunch from the fresh cranberries and pecans. I added some powdered Swerve but not enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!

I’ve had a craving for something Mexican lately, and Doritos® won’t work for keto nachos or a taco casserole, so I was happy to find this recipe on Sugar Free Londoner for keto tortilla chips. I made half a batch but still ended up with 40+ chips because I rolled them so thin and cut them small. Later in the day, I made a second batch since my husband had eaten most of the first batch (Hey! Those were for me!).  When I got up this morning, he was still munching on them. At a meager 1.3g carbs per 5-chip serving (10-chip serving as I made them), how could I begrudge him a breakfast appetizer?

I could eat this mozzarella-based dough right out of the bowl without even baking it – and I did eat some of it.  Since these crispy chips can be stored on the counter in an airtight container, they’re a great little snack to have alone or with spinach artichoke dip, keto chili, nachos, or anywhere you’d use tortilla chips.


Baked Brie in Pastry

The photo in the original recipe on was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist making this. Even after only slightly modifying the recipe to add cranberries and pecans, my baked brie dissolved into a nondescript blob of melted cheese, cranberries, pecans, and mushy dough. I tasted it, decided I don’t really like brie, and dispatched the whole blob into the trash. Since the author was able to successfully create the baked brie, I will credit this failure to the fickle finger of fate.

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