Who is the Warrior Woman?


Who is the Warrior Woman?

Wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother; recently retired from a multinational corporation (the last in a long series of multinationals), I finally have the most precious of all commodities: time.

What do I like to do with my newly-found treasure? I cook, bake, garden, can, organize my house (not my highest priority), and travel whenever the bug hits my still-working husband. The challenge of coordinating his vacation time and my work schedule almost kept us from having a vacation this year! That will not be a problem anymore. I still build and admin websites as my creative side desires and client needs require.

I was database software administrator and quality guru for two previous employers. I conducted patent research in thin film chemistry, worked in environmental chemistry, nuclear chemistry, environmental compliance, a variety of positions for manufacturers, and was employed in a variety of positions in local government, all of which demanded long, stressful hours. I have a love of all things computer and a long-neglected chemistry degree.

I grow a garden both summer and winter, and probably have enough food in the house to last us the best part of a year. My husband built two huge pantry cupboards for me to accumulate enough rice, beans, and canned goods to keep us well-fed in case of a hurricane. A large freezer full of vacuum-sealed meat completes the laundry/pantry room. The guest room closet is full of long-term freeze-dried storage food.

Why a Food Blog?

Why not? I am always concocting something and sending the (successful) recipes off to my friends and family. This will be much easier than sending out multiple emails after every meal!

Why is this different from any other food blog? It’s not, except it’s mine and most of the recipes are originals, iterations of someone else’s idea, or really good and tested recipe links from around the internet (my phone is full of them). My husband, and favorite food tester, is the final judge of what’s ‘good’ (except when I think it is and he doesn’t quite agree). This site will be a compilation of gardening/canning, cooking, baking, and dehydrating ideas and will, at times, showcase my laziness-inspired shortcuts to all of it.

Ah, the name…I am the child of Great Depression parents and a third generation self-sufficiency advocate (since childhood as slave labor for my parents!). As an avid (and feisty) wilderness backpacker, hunter, and shooter, my cohorts gave me the Warrior Woman handle. The years have flown by and I have evolved into more of a suburban prepper.

The Warrior Woman