WW’s Kitchen

If you’re looking at the Warrior Woman’s kitchen thinking “How can you run a food blog from there?”, I can only say that what you’re seeing is twice the prep space I used to have. To understand where we are now, you need to see where we came from!

In 2014, my husband of 3 months went for a stress test and ended up undergoing a quadruple bypass. Thanks to a cooperative employer, I was able to spend all of my days sitting in the hospital, working from home at night and in the wee hours of the morning, and I stayed home with my husband while he was recovering. Of course, I worked from home while I looked after him, and somehow managed to admin a large database, coordinate audits and calibration, and write queries for the seemingly unending requests for custom reports. Occasionally I ran to the office for meetings and other activities that required my physical presence. Once my husband was sufficiently recovered, I returned to the daily 10-hour grind.

It was probably all the medication, but my husband had decided that I was the best wife in the whole world and I deserved a new kitchen. The footprint being what it is, and no way to expand with a huge fireplace behind the opposite wall, we settled for an L-shaped extension to the countertop. Red mahogany cherry cabinets, quartz countertops – it was a Godsend. Finally I had enough room to do some serious cooking!

Late in 2016, I decided I would take an early retirement and started socking away every penny I could, because I would need some gap money to fill in before I could collect my pension and social security (and I needed to have Christmas shopping covered for my daughter, son-in-law, 4 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren).

Okay, I knew I would need a few things for myself to make sure I didn’t suffer from the boredom my husband was so concerned about. Like a Kitchenaid stand mixer with an extra mixing bowl, scraper blade, splatter shield, food grinder, and food strainer…and some YouCopia Spice Stackers…and some Gotham Steel cookie sheets…and new bundt pans…and a pizza stone for break baking…and silicone spatulas and whisks…and an extra oven rack with Nomex rack guards to keep me from burning myself after every food check…and some Prep Solutions by Progressive keepers for flour, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar …some oxygen absorbers for beef jerky…(you get the idea).